The 3 Week “Crash Course to Cash”

that Fast Tracks Your

Copywriting Skills and Impact

… even if you hate writing or sucked at English in High School


Steve Plummer

From the desk of Steve Plummer

Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Dear Business Owner and/or Marketing Professional,

Ok, you’ve got a good business up and running which is sweet, right… because when sales are flooding in, everyone’s happy and it’s a lot of fun.


What happens when sales slowdown or dry up?

The fun pretty much stops.

And it must be said…

You haven’t really been an entrepreneur or marketing pro unless you’ve laid awake at night wondering how you’ll make payroll or where your next client or sale is coming from.

I want to talk to you today about this scenario, when things aren’t going so well in business.

Why? It’s not some kind of morbid curiosity. Simply reality. When things are going “well” business is easy. People rarely go looking for solutions.


When things are NOT going well, business can be a lonely place which makes the challenges snowball.


You lose perspective.

You lose enthusiasm.

You get embarrassed and you lose your sense of direction.  

It can happen to anyone… no matter how skilled, successful or outwardly confident you are.

In fact the biggest sales and marketing challenges entrepreneurs face today are:

The rapid pace of change which can lead to overwhelm and confusion.
Confusion leads to uncertainty.
Uncertainty creates procrastination.
Procrastination breeds self-doubt.
Self-doubt smashes your confidence.


Throw in social media envy, where “everyone” is smiling and successful… and it becomes a vicious downward emotional spiral that is very hard to arrest.

It’s a little like gaining weight…

You tell yourself everything is ok, that extra piece of chocolate cake or glass of wine won’t matter.

Then one day you step on the scales or pull on your old jeans and stare in horror at what you see. A number you’d never associate with yourself or a muffin top that “should” belong to someone else…
How did it get like this your mind screams.


It’s the same thing for many competent and skilled business owners and marketers… loss of sales and a sense of isolation and loneliness creeps up on you and then BANG!

You realise something’s not right.

It was the French writer Jules Verne who said it best…

“Solitude, isolation, are painful things and
beyond human endurance”


The trouble is, many of us do endure. For too long.

It’s part stubbornness, part not knowing where to turn.

If this resonates with you, I say
don’t hide away and “endure” any longer.


Take action today, NOW, to learn new skills to boost your sales.

Because you don’t have to stay isolated, alone, uncertain.

Especially when there is a practical and cost-effective alternative laid out for you on a platter that jolts you out of your current state… even if that seems “ok” or “pretty good” right now…

You see nothing boosts confidence like SALES.


One of the biggest challenges today is that when you started or bought your business it did NOT come with a manual to teach you how to write words that sell.

Nail this skill and you can turn things around VERY quickly and have a whole heap of fun along the way.

What many business leaders discover in tougher times is…
“Words that sell” is the missing piece of the puzzle, the secret sauce no one tells you about.
So if you’ve ever wondered why your post, email or Insta didn’t get the result you wanted, especially when your friends told you how “amazing” it was…
You’re not alone.

There’s a good chance your marketing was absent one vital piece… strong copy, aka words that sell.

 You see copywriting is NOT a natural skill.
In school we are taught to write to give information… not to SELL.
How do I know? I taught English for 19 years. When I learned how to write copy, I realized about 80% of school English was useless when it comes to selling.
There is a key word here too…
I learned.
Copywriting is not a natural skill. But it can be learned.
I learned it. I’ve taught others how to do it. And I’m very confident I can teach you how to do it too.
Don’t take my word for it…


“Like No Other Trainer”

“ Steve simply shows us the tools, tricks and copywriting techniques like no other trainer. The best part is the value he shares is worth more than price of the course alone. Everything is distilled that even someone with basic understanding of copywriting will succeed. Now thanks to his course I have the confidence to tackle any challenging project

Carlo Guzzi, Epic Copywriting Perth

Made It Much Faster and Much Clearer

I’ve studied copywriting for years, but Steve’s course is so direct, and it illuminates so many of the pitfalls… its’ made it much faster and much clearer to market and convey exactly what the customer is needing, so thank you very much Steve.

Angela Wright

MBE Entrepreneur - Noosa, QLD

Hi Steve Plummer here and due to popular demand, I’ve created a way to end your isolation and give you impetus to re-discover the magic of you and your business.

Whatever your entrepreneurial loneliness has created for you… fear… insecurity… anxiety… or even a loss of enthusiasm, it can be turned around.

If you’re doing ok right now and want to get better fast, you’ll love this as well… the tips, hints and proven strategies to words that sell are a game changer for any business.

Imagine that… from where you are now… in three impactful sessions (and some pretty cool writing bonuses)… to a new love of what you do… a re-charged enthusiasm… and most importantly a boost in your confidence because you’ll have new skills and tools to implement.

And it can all be done from the comfort of your home or office.  

How ‘s this possible?

Discover how to write words that sell…

So you boost response to every sales message you write.



The 3 Week “Crash Course to Cash” that
Fast Tracks Your Copywriting Skills and Impact
… even if you hate writing or sucked at English in High School


You get the insider tips, tactics and thinking behind great sales copy.

You’ll see examples and why one piece works, and another fails.

And most importantly, you’ll get CONFIDENCE to know what you’re doing tips the scales heavily in your favour, so your business and impact multiplies.

Yes, even if you think you’re “no good” at English.

For so many online, NOT knowing the art of words that sell is what holds them back and stunts their success.

It doesn’t have to be you and it won’t be when you invest in this self-paced online 3-week training, because here’s what we cover:


  • Week 1 - The art of storytelling for selling

  • Facts only tell, stories sell… so we show you where to start

  • The proven story formula to follow

  • Tips to get your story read which the pros rarely reveal

  • Week 2 – How to Grab Attention so they Read Your Message and WANT to Say Yes

  • Proven headline words and templates to use

  • The thinking behind headlines most novice writers miss

  • The #1 ingredient behind every successful headline (you only get a few seconds to hook them, so you MUST include this in EVERY headline)

  • Week 3 – Wordsmith Your Way to the Sale

  • Poor writing is a SALES KILLER… discover the 7 technical writing tips almost no one teaches that makes your writing fast and easy to read so they say yes

How the training works:


Our run sheet each week is roughly…

  • 30 minutes teaching you the proven principles
  • 15 minutes critiquing examples from students so you “see” how small changes to copy make all the difference

Like I said, this recorded version of the live training short cuts your journey to skills that give you confidence to write words that sell. And this in turn gives you deeper IMPACT and the ability to reach and help more people.


100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

What would you be prepared to invest in
your business to secure this skillset?


Consider this

You could do my 12-week live training but that retails at $5,900.

You could get me to write copy for you… but my hourly rate starts at $350.00.
You could hire me to work on a project for you, but I rarely look at jobs that pay less than $15,000.
For now, because I love to support people who seek to boost their skills and results… for the recorded version of this live training…


All you invest in you is just $297.

It’s a one-off payment.

Click the button below to secure your copy.


100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

“The copywriter I admire and learnt the most from”

Steve Plummer is the copy writer I admire and have learnt the most from… I appreciate his mentoring and his exceptional marketing and copy skills

Haydn Rippon PhD

Copywriter, Brisbane. QLD

"Amazing course to fast track your results"

Steve is a great teacher… he is caring, genuine and passionate about helping people learn copywriting. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand copywriting, and more importantly to really know how to “speak” to your clients. Thank you, Steve!

Irene Scott

Copywriter & Speaker, Sydney. NSW

"My Secret Weapon"

My secret weapon is Steve Plummer. Most of the stuff you see come out of my office has been written by Steve. He has written copy that has produced millions and millions and millions of dollars for us and our clients

Mal Emery

Australia's "Millionaire Maker", Perth. WA

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

Note: if you are unsure if this is for you, please don’t buy. There are no refunds. If you don’t trust yourself to put into action what I teach you then take a rain check.

But if you’re ready to unlock the sales wordsmith in you, to really crank up the engagement and ultimately sales for bigger impact, there’s no better ROI (return on investment) than this recorded training with me.

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

Last thing....


Here are 4 FREE bonuses to help you even more and give you a little incentive to say “YES”  today… 

#1 – Copywriting Critique Checklist

Great tool for beginners and experienced writers – 42 elements to words that sell. Based on hard won lessons writing for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Covers headlines, proof, the offer and your copy. Easy to understand check before you hit “publish”.

#2 – Writing Preparation Guide

If you are going to connect to your market, you must “know them intimately”. People say this but what does it really mean? I show you 2 methods I use to get inside the mind of my target audience. And when you do it makes it much easier to connect to them, impact them deeper and get them to say yes to your offer. It’s only 3 pages but it changes the way you think and write.

#3 – Copywriting Cheat Sheets

You get 3 x “cheat sheets”… 1-page marketing tips covering headlines, writing hacks and “mind hijacking” ideas to boost response to every message you write

#4 – 24 / 7 Help Desk

There’s nothing worse than a burning question unanswered… it’s frustrating and can stop your progress. And frankly, that’s one of the negatives of self-study courses. You can’t ask question. Problem solved! Our 24/7 help desk is there for you… send your questions in and you’ll get a response, usually within 24 hours

Ready To GO?

To crank up your response and impact? 3 x training sessions with me and 4 x bonuses for just $297.

Click below to grab your copy now.

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

I look forward to helping you write words to profit by!




Steve Plummer


What just 3 more recent clients say….


“You’re a true Master”

“Steve, a quick note to say I have 97 women currently registered for my webinar tonight (20% of email recipients) from 11 different countries. I’m excited. Wonderful! Thanks a million! ALL really helpful...  a roadmap.... Really loving this support from you.  So valuable. There is now a light at the end of the long dark tunnel... You're a true master at this stuff, Steve....  (and you can quote me on that too). With gratitude, Miriam.”

Miriam Schaffer -  WomenWithaCalling.com – Noosa, Qld



“Double the previous month’s sales”

“I did the promo over the last weekend – just 2 days – and got 4,156 downloads over the 48-hour period. After the promo was over I got a flood of sales – double the previous month’s sales in one day. All due to your good advice and constant marketing.”

Sigrid Gangsoy – Sydney, NSW


“Helped our business grow exponentially”

“Steve’s amazing copywriting ability has helped our business grow exponentially. What we love most is he has this way of getting information from you and putting it into words on paper, so they sound like they’ve come from you. Whether it’s sales letters or marketing packs Steve’s the go-to guy. He’s a legend in this field in Australia if not the world.”

Matt & Amanda Clarkson - Bidding Buzz - Gold Coast, Qld

Ready To GO?

To crank up your response and impact? 3 x training sessions with me and 4 x bonuses for just $297.

Click below to access the training NOW.

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